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Stever Advisors, LLC
Assisting Skilled Nursing Facilities with Quality Outcomes

Providing You with quality from admission through discharge and beyond.


Stever Advisors, LLC is an organization based on quality and committed to excellence where we help communities and people grow to their greatest potential.



  • Initial and Ongoing Medicare/Medicaid Auditing

  • Educational Needs Assessment

  • Minimum Data Set Service Capture Review

  • Patient Driven Payment Model Education

  • Customizable Policies and Procedures

  • Third Party Contract Analysis


  • Electronic Health Record Implementation Assistance

  • Quality Measure Education

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program Education

  • Minimum Data Set Coordinator Assistance


Quality Care Starts with You!



I have known Brian Stever for more than twenty years. He and I met while working in the Corporate Office of a local Senior Living organization. Brian has mentored and trained both clinical and other staff (including financial staff) at the community and corporate levels. He is now consulting with my current organization and once again has proven his excellence in the areas of clinical and operational processes and most importantly, increasing our reimbursement. 

Brian is one of the most resolute, hardworking, and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in any capacity. He is also compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. I had the opportunity to volunteer with Brian in New Orleans to help a facility that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina to get them set up for reopening after they rebuilt. Brian was able to establish clinical guidelines to make the return of residents successful to their community.

Brian is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and his cheerful outlook is contagious. With him involved you know the job; tasks will get done. 

For these reasons, I recommend Brian for assisting with your needs in the Senior Living industry and I believe he would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to have him on their team.


GarriAnn Hearn

Reimbursement Director


“I met Brian as I began working in a multi-facility organization. I entered the community as an Executive Director with minimal knowledge of electronic documentation. Brian was instrumental not only in getting my skills up to what was needed to succeed, but in working throughout the intricacies of the new Electronic Health Record to provide a user-friendly system for team members. His skills in working with the charting documents to make them easy to use and capture important information was vital to the success of positive survey outcomes and accurate care details for reimbursement. As we entered the use of PDPM for Medicare, Brian offered direct education to those who would be involved to be certain everyone had the skills needed to maximize our reimbursement. Having his RN along with his experience as a Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator is a tremendous benefit to be able to understand the clinical aspects of reimbursement. He worked through responses to the Payments audits with the teams throughout the organization to meet success in defending the payments that were processed and prevent any funds from being recouped. I would definitely recommend Brian to any organization that is looking for someone to assist in both clinical and technological performance with the goal of meeting best practices. His knowledge crosses over multiple areas of the long-term care industry, allowing him to be successful in creating an environment that meets the needs of multiple team members. He is instrumental to assist others in understanding processes, allowing them to excel in operations.”


-Nancy J. Bullivant

Senior Director of Health & Wellness

Morningstar Senior Living

"I have had the fortune of working with Brian for many years. His unique qualifications of clinical knowledge coupled with his understanding of long-term care reimbursement models truly set Brian apart from anyone else. Brian has extensive experience educating others on clinical assessment tools – most specifically the Minimum Data Set (MDS). He is keenly aware of proper coding and documentation requirements related to the MDS, and how the accuracy of the MDS impacts Medicare, Managed Care, and Medicaid reimbursement.

Brian has a significant amount of experience working in long-term care under Federal and various State regulations. This knowledge makes Brian an expert on issues related to topics ranging from compliance and pre- and post-payment reviews to operational considerations such as nursing staffing models. Throughout Brian’s career, he has worked with various software systems and electronic health records. He has provided clinical leadership with system implementations and played a critical role in training end users as well as creating user defined assessments specific to various providers.

I would highly recommend Brian to any organization who is looking for clinical and technology expertise in the long-term care industry. His skill set is expansive and his qualities as an educator are top notch. Brian has a great demeanor which makes him very approachable and a pleasure to work with."


-Michelle Hollis

Financial Analyst


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